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HBI 永不凋落的“沙漠玫瑰”——卡塔尔国家博物馆







—-建筑师 让·努维尔(法国)

HBI 永不凋落的“沙漠玫瑰”——卡塔尔国家博物馆


卡塔尔国家博物馆,位于卡塔尔首都多哈 (Doha) ,是全国第一大城市和经济、交通和文化中心,波斯湾著名港口之一。

Qatar National Museum is located in The capital of Qatar, Doha, the country's largest city and economic, transportation and cultural center, one of the famous ports in the Persian Gulf.

HBI 永不凋落的“沙漠玫瑰”——卡塔尔国家博物馆
HBI 永不凋落的“沙漠玫瑰”——卡塔尔国家博物馆

壮观的卡塔尔国家博物馆占地52,000平方米,其核心组成部分是曾被现代卡塔尔的创始人之子Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani殿下 (1880-1957)修缮的宫殿,历史悠久。

The spectacular National Museum of Qatar covers 52,000 square meters and is the centrepiece of a historic palace that was restored by His Royal Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani (1880-1957), son of the founder of modern Qatar.

HBI 永不凋落的“沙漠玫瑰”——卡塔尔国家博物馆
HBI 永不凋落的“沙漠玫瑰”——卡塔尔国家博物馆

卡塔尔国家博物馆馆长Sheikha Amna bint Abdulaziz bin Jassim Al Thani表示:“经过12年的规划,我们非常激动能够迎接来自卡塔尔和全球的访客,莅临这个多视角的体验式的博物馆。从项目启动,卡塔尔国家博物馆的团队深谙我们力求创造一个有灵魂的博物馆。我们的展馆充满互动、 声音和色彩,激发访客的感知、情感和智力,呈现创意和原汁原味的内容,让访客的每次到访都有全新的发现。”

Sheikha Amna Bint Abdulaziz bin Jassim Al Thani, Director of Qatar National Museums, said: "After 12 years of planning, we are thrilled to welcome visitors from Qatar and around the world to this multi-perspective experiential museum. From its inception, the team at Qatar National Museums understood our quest to create a museum with a soul. Our pavilions are full of interaction, sound and color that stimulate the perception, emotion and intelligence of visitors, presenting creative and original content that allows visitors to discover new things with each visit."


HBI 永不凋落的“沙漠玫瑰”——卡塔尔国家博物馆
▲设计师 让·努维尔(Jean Nouvel)

而这件伟大的作品正是出自法国当代著名建筑师让·努维尔(Jean Nouvel)之手,被誉为“建筑师中的冒险家”的 Nouvel 从未执着于某一种特定的建筑风格或是设计思潮。每一个新的设计,对 Nouvel 来说,都是一次在由不同的人、场所和时间所凝聚而成的独特组合中去发现唯一解答的探索旅程。

This great work was created by Jean Nouvel, the famous contemporary French architect. Known as the "adventurer among architects", Nouvel was never attached to a particular architectural style or design trend. Each new design, for Nouvel, was a journey to discover a single solution in a unique combination of different people, places and times.

HBI 永不凋落的“沙漠玫瑰”——卡塔尔国家博物馆
HBI 永不凋落的“沙漠玫瑰”——卡塔尔国家博物馆

在设计过程中,让·努维尔(Jean Nouvel)从波斯地区“沙漠玫瑰”这一神奇的自然现象汲取灵感,“沙漠玫瑰” 是由沙漠表面下的盐水层中发现的结晶砂等的矿物质组成,因形似玫瑰而得名。让·努维尔这样形容 “这是第一个由大自然创造的建筑结构”。“沙漠玫瑰”是建筑结构的模型,尺寸和弯曲度不同的圆盘交错,垂直结构起到支撑作用,横向错落叠加,如项链一般环绕着整座博物馆。

For his design, Jean Nouvel drew inspiration from the Persian phenomenon known as the "desert rose", which is made up of minerals such as crystallized sand found in the salt water layer beneath the surface of the desert and is named for its resemblance to a rose. Jean Nouvel described it as "the first architectural structure created by nature". "Desert Rose" is a model of the building structure, with staggered disks of different sizes and curvatures. the vertical structure acts as support, and the horizontal staggered superposition, like a necklace around the whole museum.


HBI 永不凋落的“沙漠玫瑰”——卡塔尔国家博物馆
HBI 永不凋落的“沙漠玫瑰”——卡塔尔国家博物馆
HBI 永不凋落的“沙漠玫瑰”——卡塔尔国家博物馆

卡塔尔国家博物馆的巨大室内包括 7000 平方米的永久展厅和 1700 平方米的临时展厅。“面向所有人的空间”的理念也将重新定义一座文化机构。大型报告厅、商业中心、餐饮设施与研究中心和实验室设置,将使得卡塔尔博物馆成为一种公共意识和参与精神的生发之地。

The Qatar National Museum's vast interior includes 7,000 square meters of permanent galleries and 1,700 square meters of temporary galleries. The idea of a "space for all" will also redefine a cultural institution. Large lecture halls, commercial centers, dining facilities, research centers and laboratory Settings will make the Qatar Museums a breeding ground for a sense of public awareness and participation.

HBI 永不凋落的“沙漠玫瑰”——卡塔尔国家博物馆
HBI 永不凋落的“沙漠玫瑰”——卡塔尔国家博物馆
HBI 永不凋落的“沙漠玫瑰”——卡塔尔国家博物馆
HBI 永不凋落的“沙漠玫瑰”——卡塔尔国家博物馆
HBI 永不凋落的“沙漠玫瑰”——卡塔尔国家博物馆



The Qatar National Museum is composed of three parts — "Origin", "Life in Qatar" and "Modern History of Qatar", which are displayed in 11 pavilions, illustrating the development process from the Peninsula period to today. Through the exhibition space, visitors can experience the formation of the Qatari peninsula and its natural habitat, the ruins of life along the coastline, the political development of modern Qatar, the mining of oil, and multilateral relations with the outside world.

Qatar's history and ruins are presented through oral history films, archival images, documents, models and other media. It is brought to life by a series of short art films created by various international filmmakers. Films are projected on a large scale on the walls of the pavilion, and each ADAPTS dynamically to the irregular curved walls, turning the walls into dynamic stages.

HBI 永不凋落的“沙漠玫瑰”——卡塔尔国家博物馆
HBI 永不凋落的“沙漠玫瑰”——卡塔尔国家博物馆


Qatar hopes it will redefine the role of museums, and that when people around the world talk about the richest country, they will not only make fun of its noumenon qualities, but also talk about its nomadic struggle to get rich and gain a better understanding of a country that has become increasingly prominent internationally.

项目地点:Al Corniche街,多哈,卡塔尔



Location: Al Corniche Street, Doha, Qatar

Architect: Jean Nouvel (Ateliers Jean Nouvel)

Dates: 2003/2019





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